Drinks sign in neon promoting alcohol awareness

Alcohol awareness – Q&A with our addiction expert Shahroo Izadi

Alcohol awareness – Q&A with our addiction expert Shahroo Izadi Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash Alcohol Awareness Week is 15-21 November this year. To mark it, we’re looking at the statistics on alcohol consumption in the UK. Shahroo Izadi, our expert on alcohol and addiction also answers a Q&A on alcohol awareness. What is alcoholism? Alcoholism is…

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hand hold

How to reduce your cancer risk

Through simple lifestyle changes and engaging in screening programmes you can reduce your risk of developing cancer and improve your general wellbeing. Our specialist Gemma McCormick, an oncologist at the Royal Marsden shares her tips for reducing your risk:

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massage therapy

5 Surprising Benefits of Massage

Often we wait until we’re at the point of burnout, experiencing physical pain or have an injury before we’d consider booking a massage. Massages can feel indulgent, even selfish and we can end up criticising ourselves for not having the strength to deal with stress like our peers can. However, if we knew the surprising benefits of massage for both our mental and physical health, we might start viewing them as a necessity not just a treat.

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no more punishment

No More Punishment

Here at Elevate we don’t believe in quick fixes or detox diets. We also don’t believe in spending January (one of the coldest, darkest months) depriving ourselves of the things that make us happy and feeling like we need to punish ourselves for the indulgences of the holidays. Nope!

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Fad-free January

So, the Christmas hype is over… we have probably overindulged on both food and drink over the holidays (and quite rightly so) but feeling like we need to get our bodies ‘back to normal’ after all the ‘treats’ we have allowed ourselves. But let’s think about this for a minute; what
will you get out of a ‘detox’ diet or a calorie restricting diet, or even just a 3 day ‘juice cleanse’? I can confidently answer this question with the response ‘absolutely nothing positive’.

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Why it’s ok to gain a pound, (or 4) this Christmas

As a nutritionist I get requests every year from magazines and journalists asking me for tips and quotes on ways to ‘avoid the festive weight gain’ or for ‘guilt-free Christmas recipes’. And if your inbox and twitter feed looks anything like mine, it’ll currently be full to the brim with ‘survival guides’, ‘action plans’ and ‘strategies’ for avoiding the ‘dreaded Christmas weight gain’ (*unfollow).   Anyone would think that we’re preparing for going into battle, rather than entering the festive season.

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