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At Elevate we combine the latest behavioural science, positive psychology and expertise from our world-renowned specialists to deliver forward-thinking employee wellbeing programmes to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in a no-nonsense approach to wellbeing and will always use the best, most credible wellbeing experts to create and deliver our sessions – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ here!

We provide webinars and online classes, wellbeing workshops, mental health first aid training, financial wellbeing guidance, keynote speakers – we can provide one off activities for team meetings and away days, wellbeing weeks, activities to mark key awareness days and curate a full wellbeing calendar based on the results of an employee survey and audit.


Mental Health Training

We offer Mental Health First Aid training accredited by Mental Health First Aid England, Suicide Prevention Training, Mental health signposting and support webinars and workshops, Resilience training, Stress Management training and mindfulness and meditation courses.


We’ll work with you to discover your company’s wellbeing needs and create a tailored wellbeing programme for employees to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, increase productivity and motivation, attract and retain talent and support your team in their work and home lives.


Our wellbeing audit examines current employee barriers and enablers to positive wellbeing, and to employee engagement in a wellbeing programme. 

We will look at the best way to create a 360° holistic programme, including the working environment, current and future resources available to employees, behavioural opportunities and gaps, and then build a programme based on the findings and the latest behaviour chance science to support ongoing change. 


Our wellbeing workshops cover a huge range of topics including nutrition, sleep, resilience, stress management, managing work-life balance, financial wellbeing, creativity for productivity, motivation and physical wellbeing topics. All sessions are created and delivered by the world’s best experts in their field and are tailored to meet the needs of your employees. These sessions can be run face to face or online. 

Keynote speakers

We work with keynote speakers from the world of health, wellbeing, sport, psychology, business, leadership and diversity and entertainment to address issues relating to key awareness dates.


All of your events needs taken care of – we will curate tailored events to include face to face or online employee away days, team building activities, annual meeting activities, members events, corporate retreats and training days. These can include wellbeing activities, cookery, art, play, creative activities, outdoor pursuits, exercise sessions, guided tours and wellbeing retreats across the world.


We work with you to create bespoke wellbeing campaigns to address employee wellbeing needs, reflect company values and culture and meet the goals and targets of the business. This could include a monthly wellbeing calendar of events to recognise mental health awareness month, a quarterly wellbeing campaign to address key employee areas of need, or a yearly wellbeing calendar to provide ongoing wellness activities and events.

Activity classes

We have sourced the best teachers from across the globe to provide exercise, fitness, yoga, dance, Tai Chi, posture and movement classes. All of our teachers have corporate expertise and are fully insured and vetted.


Working with our expert coaches we can offer executive coaching, life coaching, health and wellbeing coaching, nutrition consultations, and leadership coaching.

Leadership Training

Leadership is a skill for any role—not just managers. Working with our expert partners, our leadership training packages will help you to become a more successful leader, improve communication and decision making, improve emotional intelligence, manage conflict and build strong, motivated teams. We also offer Diversity and Inclusion training.

Biometric testing

Our team of health professionals will take physical measurements and biometric data to assess the health of employees. These are short, convenient, and can be conducted in offices and work-sites. We can use these metrics to to set a standard of reference for employee health status and assess changes over time.

Screening tests include taking data such as height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, hormonal tests and DNA testing. 


All of our workshops are available online via your preferred webinar packaged to enable you to provide wellbeing webinars to your global team, record sessions and reach employees with different working set ups, hours and preferences. 

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